I’m submitting two stories for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest this year since I could decide which one I liked better. This Halloween story is exactly 100 words long and contains the words candy corn, monster and shadow. See if you get the subtle joke at the end. My husband missed it!


100 words


“Well aren’t you cute?”


I skip through Halloween shadows.



The lady CLUCKS and TWWEEEETTs and drops candy corn into my bag.

She might be making fun of my speech, but I say thanks anyway.



“I have just the thing for you.”


A full-size Twix bar.




“Thanks, Sir.”



“Your best twick for a tweet.”

I ruffle my feathers, squat and pull an egg from my behind.

The lady claps and fills my candy bag.

“Thanks,” I cluck.


“Trick-or-treating is hard,” I tell Mom. “Next year I think I’ll just be a monster.”


For Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest – The idea is to write a  Halloween story of 100 words or less and it must contain the words candy corn, monster and shadow.


100 words



I tap my magic wand on my top hat and pull out a fake rabbit.

“Needs work,” he says.


Wait, no treat?


I shuffle through the shadows to the next house.


“Definitely trick.”

I pull a candy corn from behind her ear. She claps, gobbles it up and closes the door.

This isn’t working right.



“Well, this is fun.”

He picks a card from the deck and returns it.

I shuffle.

“Black Joker,” I say handing back his card.

He hands me black licorice in return.


Next year I think I’ll just be a monster.

Lists of Lists

Today’s Blog Post assignment is to make a list of anything.  I make lists all of the time, but they are “To Do” lists or lists of names for characters or lists of items within a book that I am working on at the time.  This is for fun and it is just for me.

Things I Like:

  1. Chocolate
  2. chocolate with nuts and caramel and anything else really
  3. running
  4. biking
  5.  yoga
  6. reading cook books
  7. entertaining
  8. snuggling with my dog
  9. watching the Broncos win
  10. Peyton Manning playing well
  11. The Voice
  12. picture books
  13. any books
  14. Halloween
  15. coming up with a new idea
  16. developing that new idea
  17. hearing from my boys each week
  18. fresh Colorado peaches
  19. blossoms
  20. fall leaves
  21. watching the weather change
  22. cashmere socks
  23. loose pants
  24. straight teeth
  25. clear skin
  26. getting into bed every night being happy
  27. homemade quilts
  28. Asian spices
  29. Indian spices
  30. new recipes
  31. book stores
  32. decorating a new house
  33. possibility
  34. living close to walkable stuff
  35. walking there!
  36. H Mart
  37. sleeping in
  38. running in the rain
  39. new bike trails
  40. my new bike!
  41. my husband designing an awesome kitchen for me
  42. my husband
  43. my awesome kids
  44. good hair days
  45. at-least-i-have-hair days
  46. candle light
  47. old friends
  48. new friends
  49. adult conversation
  50. new pencils
  51. word games
  52. Christmas lights
  53. going to concerts/plays/musicals
  54. art museums
  55. Denver Botanical Garden
  56. Trader Joe’s
  57. good restaurants
  58. my husband getting home early now
  59. my husband being happier now that we are living close to work
  60. talking to my sister
  61. toddlers
  62. flossing
  63. getting my teeth cleaned
  64. new car smell
  65. heated seats
  66. clean bathrooms
  67. the beach
  68. the mountains
  69. all Colorado mountain towns
  70. cookies!
  71. going fast… driving, biking, running, skating, anything where I am in control
  72. fresh flowers
  73. a new box of crayons
  74. new crayon smell
  75. an empty dishwasher
  76. a full tummy
  77. old fashioned paper invitations
  78. someone cooking for me
  79. pedicures
  80. family Christmas albums
  81. funny Christmas cards
  82. sweating a lot
  83. cool Colorado clouds
  84. the Colorado flag
  85. live acoustic guitar
  86. Lexi writing new songs
  87. having time to day dream
  88. green lights
  89. Christmas music in December
  90. fireplaces
  91. s’mores
  92. Indie films
  93. Sundance
  94. Athleta
  95. cute kids
  96. Hawaii
  97. snorkeling
  98. quiet
  99. positive feedback

There you have it.  Me!

I Write Because…

I write because there is inspiration all around me.  I write because I have ideas.  Ideas that won’t just go away, but continue to roll around in my head and to ferment and take on a life of their own.  Some ideas stay consistent to the original thought and are good.  Some ideas morph and twist in a way that I never saw coming and they are better.

I write to bring random thoughts and images to life; to see where a thread of thought might lead.  Sometimes it leads to a dead-end story wise, but sometimes it leads to something completely unexpected and exciting.

I write because if I don’t write down these ideas they will be lost forever.  Maybe someone else in the world will have the same thought some day, but it will not be expressed in the same way in which I will share and develop that idea.

I write because I have always loved picture books.  I love the smell of them and the feel of their thick glossy pages.  I love the colors and the myriad art styles. I love the suspense and the page turns.

I love the memories of my children snuggled up on my bed reading picture book after picture book every night.

My happiest thought is of a child picking my book up off a bookshelf and hugging it to herself and begging her mom to read it to her before they can even leave the library.

I write to express myself, but I write so someday I can call myself an author.

+No Longer “Aspiring”

I just read a blog post by Kristen Lamb that inspired me.  As of today, I am not going to call myself an “aspiring writer”any longer.  I am a writer.  I write, therefore I am a writer.  I am a runner and I don’t call myself an “aspiring runner” because I haven’t qualified for the Olympics yet.  I am a mother and I don’t call myself an “aspiring mother” because I haven’t won Mother-of-the-Year yet.  There is no room for “aspiring” in my life any longer.

I am not going to make excuses for not being published or for why my manuscripts are languishing on my hard drive (which may or may not include getting children out the door to college and a recent move).  I am not going to look at the odds of getting published anymore and give up because I know that it is more probable in Colorado to get hit by lightning than it is to get a picture book published.  I am not going to make up excuses for why I don’t find the time to write.  Or for why I haven’t been to a conference for two years.  I will start again today and I will write and I will be happy to dream and create.  I will do something writing related everyday which will help my career as a writer progress and to fulfill my need to express myself and make my world a happier place.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.